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Our policy is to provide the best service possible, and in your best interests.


Client privacy is assured and is very important to us. We take care to see that your complete privacy is maintained at every step of the way. Our Secure Online Application uses 256 bit SSL encryption to protect your identity and valuable information. Furthermore, you choose how we communicate with you, and our easy payment system will not show our full company name on your credit card statement.


Our business has been registered with the BBB (A+ non-members) for over 20 years, and in that time, there have not been any complaints. In fact, we were the first Pardon & Waiver Services firm in Canada to be granted the highest security clearance available from the Ottawa RCMP. Our highly trained and certified staff is very personable, and stays up-to-date with the constantly changing policies and procedures regarding Canada Pardon and US Waiver applications.


Our fees are some of the lowest in the industry, and yet we provide more services than other firms, such as obtaining all required Court and Police Records and supplying Draft Letters, including Reference Letters and a Personal Statement addressed to US Customs. Other firms simply give their clients a list of things-to-do, and instruct their clients to attend several Government offices in person to obtain all the required documents, and they do not provide any Letter Writing Services. At Canada Pardons & US Waivers, you will find a paralegal services provider that processes all applications and attached letters quickly and in your best interests. We also keep up-to-date with all the procedural changes concerning both Canada Pardon / Record Suspension and U.S. Waiver applications, thus preventing unnecessary delays and further complications. Check out Our Testimonials.


In our Edmonton office, we process Canada Pardon / Record Suspension applications in the absolute fastest way possible in order to seal criminal records, and we process US Waiver applications in order for Canadians with criminal records to legally enter the US. When processing Canada Pardon / Record Suspension and U.S. Waiver applications we obtain your complete criminal history from the Canadian Police Information Center’s computer system in Ottawa, (CPIC), as well as your Local Police Records, RCMP Records, Canadian Military Police Records and your Court Records. Getting a Pardon / Record Suspension or US Waiver depends on what information is uncovered in police files, court files, and personal and military history records. And, how that information is presented on each application. Our staff will carefully prepare your application and explain to you what documents will be requested by the Parole Board and/or U.S. Customs. We take pride in drafting and editing all the required letters and attachments for your application, and when needed, giving you easy to complete custom-made draft letters that contain all the right words the Parole Board and Homeland Security likes to hear. Attaching the right documents and letters to your US Waiver application will greatly increase your odds of getting a US Waiver and prevent lengthy and costly delays. Giving you the right information to complete the Step 8 Rehabilitation Letter greatly increases your odds of being granted a Pardon. All applications are typed and prepared with extreme care not to contain any errors or omissions, and it is our policy to process all applications in the least amount of time and in the best possible manner. You will also be kept up-to-date during the entire process, as we notify you by email whenever there is an action on your file.

Note: Canada Pardons / Record Suspension are granted only after all dispositions have been met, meaning all fines, penalties and probation periods have been served, and the required probationary period has been completed with no further criminal activities. Five and ten year waiting periods apply for all Canada Pardons granted by the Parole Board of Canada. US Waivers do not require any waiting period and can be applied for even if further charges are pending, however DHS likes to see at least a 5-year crime-free history. See our Waiver FAQ Section for more information.

Why get a Criminal Record Pardon?

When you are charged or convicted of a criminal offense a detailed record of the offense is produced that never goes away on its own. Because of that record you can be denied employment, freedom to travel abroad, financial benefits, licenses, bonding, memberships, adoptions, and many other privileges. Having a criminal record means you can legally be refused employment, work permits, job promotions and many other employer benefits from not being free to work and travel abroad. For more information please see our Pardon FAQ section.

Why get a US Waiver?

Because of increased security precautions anyone who has a criminal record can be refused entry into the U.S.. Even though you may have entered the U.S. without hindrance in the past, you could run into difficulty if your record shows a criminal conviction or a previous denial of entry. Attempting to enter the U.S. without a Waiver after you have been denied entry could result in several weeks of detention at a U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) facility, the seizure of your vehicle and other possessions, and a temporary or permanent ban from entering in the future. Note: Being Pardoned does not automatically allow you to travel into the U.S., as US Customs does not recognize a Pardon if they become aware of it. For more information please see our Waiver FAQ section #6.

Going at it alone?

Getting a Canada Pardon / Record Suspension or a U.S. Waiver can be a very difficult and time consuming procedure, especially if you aren’t fully aware of the many steps, timelines and processes that are involved. That is where the staff at Canada Pardons & US Waivers comes in. We make applying for a Canada Pardon / Record Suspension or a U.S. Waiver very quick and easy for you, and with our biometric fingerprinting and our automated tracking system, it’s much faster and more affordable than going elsewhere for the service.

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