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(for previous Alberta Pardons clients only)


1) Enter the required information (*).

2) Enter any and all new information.

3) Answer the questions.

4) Print the completed application (For your records).

5) Submit the application. (Proceed through the Payment Gateway if you do not wish to make 2 monthly payments).


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If any information has changed since your last application, please enter it below.

New Street Address
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Month & Year You Moved

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New Full Maiden Name of Spouse (only if you remarried)

New Spouse's Date of Birth:: i.e.: June 21, 1968
New Spouse's City & Country of Birth:
Date of Marriage: i.e.: March 30, 2007
Place of Marriage:

Place and Date of Divorce: i.e.: Edmonton, July, 2017


1) Have you ever stayed in the U.S. for longer than 6 months?



2) Have you filed any other applications or petition for immigration benefits with the U.S. gov't since your last US Waiver application, or has one been filed on your behalf?



3) Have you since been denied or refused an immigration benefit by the U.S. gov't, or had one revoked or terminated?



4) Have you since been arrested, cited, charged, indicted, fined or imprisoned in the U.S. for breaking or violating any law, NOT including traffic violations?



5) Have either of your parents relocated or perished since you last applied?



6) Have you divorced since you last applied?



Height (ft):
Weight (lbs):
Eye Color:
Hair Color:


 US Entry Waiver Renewal: Total: $595.00 plus GST (In town). Price includes our administration fee (includes document certifications, application tracking, ARO update requests, email updates and express courier fees). Note: There will be a $84.00 biometric fingerprinting fee charged when you are biometrically fingerprinted in your area, or a $50.00 to $120.00 fee if you are fingerprinted at your local police station or biometric fingerprinting office. Note: When your application is ready to be submitted you will be required to pay a $585.00 (USD) United States Department of State filing fee. This fee can be paid with U.S. cash or a major credit card.

* Do we have a copy of your Waiver Certifcate showing the A-Number (file #) and the date it was issued?


No (If NO please enter your A-Number and the Date the Waiver was issued or fax a copy to our office)



* Credit Card Information  (we also accept cash, cheques, money orders or debit cards)

MasterCard or Visa Number

Expiry Date / MM/YY

CVV Number

Name on Card   Note: Your credit card will show "US WAIVERS"


Please bill in 2 monthly installments. Note: An additional $10.50 fee will be applied.

Comments: (Please let us know if either of your parents have passed away or where they have moved in this section. If you have since divorced, please state the exact date and place of divorce)

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