US Waiver Applications

Benefits of Using Canada Pardons & US Waivers

  1. Fast responses with no priority service charges.
  2. Customized applications based on your circumstances.
  3. We draft all required letters and obtain all attachments. (We supply professionally written Draft Letters where you simply fill in the blanks)
  4. Email Updates whenever something happens with your file.
  5. Electronic filing, formatting, uploading of all required documents, and filing fee payment.
  6. Scanned and emailed copies of all forms and uploaded attachments.
  7. All documents are obtained ASAP and certified when necessary by a Notary Public or a Commissioner of Oaths.
  8. US Waiver Update Request email template addressed to Homeland Security’s ARO.
  9. All information is provided at every step of the way.
  10. All information is provided on how it works after your Waiver is granted and how to register in advance.
  11. Our Tracking System prevents delays and notifies you when to start a Waiver Renewal.

For US Waiver information, please call 780-473-1741, or see our regularly updated Waiver FAQ Page.  

Former clients seeking a US Waiver Renewal, please call Shane at 780-473-1741 or complete our Secure Waiver Renewal Application form.


Step 1)

Complete our Secure Online Application

Step 2)

Submit your application and be sure to include your MasterCard or Visa information in order to secure your application .

Note: Once we receive your Secured US Waiver application, we will then arrange for you to be biometrically fingerprinted in your area or North or South Edmonton and email you two forms to print, sign and return, along with a photocopy of your Canadian Passport or Birth Certificate. We will also email you a secure BIO Information form to complete online and some Draft Letters you will need to fill in and sign or get signed, including Reference Letters and a Personal Statement. Of course, you will be emailed updates as the process moves along quickly.

Not computer savy and only have a cell phone?

No problem. We provide precise written details in emails and will print and mail the documents you will need to give US Customs. We can also accept photos of documents sent from your cell phone.


Step 1)

Send us an email to get started.

Step 2)

We will reply with all the information you need including the current timelines, fees and process, and a secure link to our online application to complete when ready.

Note: You can also fax your application to us along with your credit card information.


Call 780-473-1741 (US Waivers) and we’ll take your application by phone and book an appointment for fingerprinting in North or South Edmonton. You can also complete our Secure Online Application. All information submitted is encrypted, and our easy payment system will not show our full company name.

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