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Canada Pardons & US Waivers located in Edmonton Alberta is one of the oldest and most trusted group of highly trained and certified Paralegal Services Professionals that specialize in processing Canada Pardon / Record Suspension Applications and I-192 US Waiver Applications. We are an RCMP Fully Accredited, BBB Rated A+ No Complaints, Non-Commission Based, One-Stop Premium Service Provider in that we provide Electronic Fingerprinting Services by RCMP Certified Fingerprint Technicians, and we have a Licensed Commissioner for Oaths and a Certified Notary who certifies documents so that clients do not have to attend several Government offices in person to obtain the required documents. No other Canada Pardon / Record Suspension or U.S. Waiver services firm can provide the same level of service at a better price, guaranteed! Canada Pardons & US Waivers staff members are Certified Legal Assistants, Certified Legal Secretaries, Certified Fingerprint Technicians and Experienced Paralegal Services Professionals, some of whom have worked for municipal police and/or the RCMP.



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Fast, easy and affordable Canada Pardons / Record Suspension and U.S. Waivers.

Our custom designed automated Application Tracking System tracks all Canada Pardon / Record Suspension and I-192 U.S. Waiver applications and prevents unnecessary delays, thus speeding up processing times and reducing administration costs. We also keep our clients updated by sending out emails at each step along the way.
Let our friendly and courteous staff show you that applying for a Pardon Canada / Record Suspension, U.S. Waiver or getting fingerprint services can be a very pleasant and rewarding experience.
Our policy is to provide the best service possible, and in your best interests.

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