A few Real Testimonials from Real Clients

Before it gets too much later, I just wanted to say thanks for all of your patience, advice and efforts while looking after my file. I don’t know anybody else with a record, but if I did I would recommend your service. All the best in the future

That is great news thank you so much for your help I will be anticipating the letter in the mail soon. Also well as the address that you have is correct.

Thank you so much!! I’m grateful you suggested the employment letter.

That is fantastic news!!!! I can’t believe the pardon was granted so quickly – thank you!

That is great news, a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders. The address you have is correct.

That’s fantastic! I must admit I have been having very good luck in the past year and I guess it is continuing! I hope everything is going great for you too!!

.. your right this is unbelievable news, I was expecting this to take another 12 to 15 months. Thank you so much for your help.

I just can’t thank you enough. It feels so good to know that some of the mistakes I have made in the past won’t haunt me anymore. Thank you so much for all your effort in in this process.

Thank you so much for the good news! I’m so excited!! Yes, below is my mailing address. I can’t believe it only took three months!!!!

you are the best I love Alberta Pardons right now!!!

Thanks so much, you have been a pleasure to work with. You have what we in the business call the hospitality gene.

I love you. Thank you very much. Mailing address is correct, confirmed. I am so impressed at the time line that was involved. Not only will I speak highly of your service, I am going to promote it to people I know.

I am simply overjoyed Leigh! I have never had a better email, ever.

Thank you very much for the update and great news, I really appreciate what you have done and will be referring people your way in the future. Again Thanks Very much.

That is great news!!! The address is correct. I am looking forward to receiving the papers. Thank you once again for providing this great service. I think it is an invaluable service that you provide.

Thank you for being so honest with me regarding this entire process. I’m really glad I chose your company.

Thank you! You have been great! The address below is correct. Once again many many thanks.


YES!!! Thank you for your help in attaining my pardon. The address you have is correct. Looking forward to receiving my certificate and your instructions in crossing the border.

Hi, all is good I’m happy I got my pardon so quick. The address is perfect if you could send it out and tell me what to say at the border I will try it out.

Thanks for the good news. Good job !!! Yes the address is correct.

The service Shane and his team provided at Alberta Pardons was fast and precise to assist me in obtaining a US Waiver (and 5-year Renewal). I recommend everyone to call and use the service they provide!! Thanks again!!

Thank you Leigh for all you have done to assist me in getting my Pardon and having my records sealed. I am extremely grateful to have received it. I am doing very well. One of the greatest perks to this is being able to take my 3yr old Step Daughter to Disneyland next year. Once again, my eternal thanks. Yes the mailing address is correct. Looking forward to seeing the official document.

I just wanted to thank you so much for all the work you have done and to tell you I got a 5 year waiver in the mail today. I now look forward to your letter explaining how it all works and what I have to do at the airport.

It took longer than I expected initially, due to some changes in the laws midstream, however Alberta Pardons helped me through these road blocks, provided documentation while I waited that helped me keep working, and let me know at each specified juncture what my options were. A person COULD do all of this themselves, just like a person COULD build a rocket or find a cure for cancer; the reality is if you want the best odds of having everything filed correctly let the pro’s here at Alberta pardons help you.

Thank you so much…. You just made my day ! The address is correct. I appreciate everything you have done for me and I will highly recommend your services to anyone and everyone that needs it. Cheers !

I just want to thank you for the excellent work your office provided for me with my original waiver and now again on my renewal which I have been granted a 5 year waiver ONLY 2 MONTHS after the application was submitted. I have referred people to Alberta Pardons. You are very upfront with everything which is helpful not having earlier expectations BUT if you get your waiver earlier what a pleasant surprise. Keep up the good work, we need people like Alberta Pardons who provide EXCELLENT SERVICE!!
Thank you again!

Great service and always feel very comfortable that everything will get taken care of and it does. I also appreciate the follow up and reminder when it is time for renewals.
Keep up the good work.

We have been dealing with Alberta Pardons for over ten years, they are great to work with. We have recommended them to people that we know who face the same issues when it comes to travelling to the U.S. They take care of the overwhelming task of putting together the package to be submitted with the application. My (US Waiver) application has been approved for the third time, without any hassles!!!

Thank you so very much for all your help and I will absolutely use you guys again. This was a very hassle free process for me. Thanks again. See you in 4-1/2 years 🙂

I can remember the sombre feeling of despair and perhaps even stress and anxiety when I approached Alberta Pardons to act on my behalf. Leigh was very assuring and helped me every step of the way to finally have this burden hidden in the archives of stupidity so that I could find employment without the objectionable actions of my past. I highly recommend the services of Alberta Pardons to remove your past from the records of our criminal system. You have every right to respect, dignity and forgiveness, give Alberta pardon the opportunity to get you there.

Thank you so much for all the work you and your staff have done in getting my pardon granted. What a relief, I will definitely suggest Alberta Pardons to anyone who needs your services. Thanks again.

I can’t believe how fast the pardon process ended. I will suggest anyone need help should go to Alberta Pardons. They are honest and helpful.

Thank you Leigh and all your team. For over twenty years I have battled the stigma attached to my criminal record, it has cost me job opportunities, financial services denied, even insurance coverage was rejected because of it… but for some reason I decided to go ahead and use your services, follow your advice and go through the process and I could not be happier to have done so. Every member of your team that I have been in contact with, was helpful and treated me with respect. The end result is that my pardon was granted and I can now hold my head up high knowing that I can apply for any position and not be denied because of mistakes from over 20 years ago. Thank you so much and accept my very best regards.

Shane, Here is my latest waiver renewal that I received. Looks like I am set for five years, see you in 2020 for the renewal process on the next term. Thanks again for everything you do, you have truly made this agonizing process seamless.

We would like to commend Alberta Pardons for the exceptional, professional work done to ensure a member of this family was recently granted a pardon. The person in question has paid the price for wrong decisions in her youth, but has turned her life around and is now studying to fulfill her goal of getting into the nursing profession. Our heartfelt thanks from all of us.

The folks at Alberta Pardons have the experience and expertise in dealing with Canadian and American authorities that enabled me to receive a 5 year American waiver and a Canadian Pardon. Without their support I would have foundered in the daunting task of getting this done. The fees involved were money well spent.

I am very grateful to feel so relieved, I did not realize just how “free” I would feel until you confirmed that it was approved. I was also shocked how fast you were able to get it done. I printed it off to remind myself of the feeling daily and that stupid behavior can be forgiven. Thank you!

I can not say enough good things about Alberta Pardons. I was ripped off from an Ontario Pardon outfit. I was leary about going to anybody after that episode. I phoned Alberta Pardons and then drove up to Edmonton once and everything was set in motion. Very honest and reliable company. I got my 5 year US Wavier. Will be using them for my renewal. Thanks Shane.

My experience with Alberta Pardons was fantastic. They are were organized, quick to respond, and helped me with any concerns with processing my pardon. Great preparation to make sure no mistakes submitted. I dealt with Leigh and she was absolutely fantastic. Alberta pardons gives a feel like home kind of service, very personal and genuine. Good job guys, keep up the great work.

If you need a US Waiver get it done right the first time & use AB Pardons. AB Pardons has done my last 3 US waivers. 1st one 2yr. 2nd one 5yr. 3rd one 5yr. They do all the leg work and make it very easy. I highly recommend them.

I would like to thank Shane and his team on helping me attain my new “INDEFINITE” I-194 form to replace my old (and well used) I-194 non expiring wallet size border crossing card. Although the forms are less convenient than the card to carry around, I was starting to get hassled over the card by officers that were not familiar with the older process. Rather than having to re-apply every 1-5 years for the new waiver form I can now travel without restrictions indefinitely. Also this application process also went much quicker than I was expecting. I filed the application on April 11th so getting it approved and back to me in six weeks was fantastic. Thanks again for your expert guidance on this matter. Happy travels.

I have used Alberta Pardons from day 1 of my Waiver requirement. I have never had an issue with my requests, they are professional, friendly, and personal. Anybody thinking on applying for a USA waiver should use AP without a doubt. I would recommend AP in a heartbeat to anyone. Shane and his team know their stuff.

You cannot go wrong with using Alberta pardons. 3 months and I have my 5 year US travel Waiver.

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