Step 1)

Once your eligibility is confirmed, we will take your application over the phone or email you a secure link.

Step 2)

We will book an appointment for you to be fingerprinted in North or South Edmonton or at dozens of locations in Canada.

Note: Once you have been fingerprinted biometrically, your RCMP Record will be mailed to you along with forms you will need to sign and return in a prepaid XpressPost package to our office.

Live outside Edmonton?

No problem. We will arrange for you to be biometrically fingerprinted in your area, and then we will mail all the forms to you to sign and return to us in a prepaid XpressPost envelope.

Your Privacy is important to us.

We take care to see that your privacy is maintained at every step of the way. Our Secure On-line Application uses 256 bit SSL encryption to protect your identity and valuable information. Furthermore, you choose how we communicate with you and our easy payment system will not show our full company name.

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