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 Canadian Pardon: $695.00 plus GST ($39.75)  = $834.75. Note: When your application is ready to be submitted you will be required to pay the Parole Board Filing Fee, which is now $657.77 (as of March 31, 2021). Note: Does not include $84.00 Biometric Fingerprinting Fee. Note: Additional Court Record Search fees will apply for all offences. Additional fees will also apply if you have served in the Canadian Military, and for each Local Police Records Check from where you have lived for last 5 years. Court Record and Military Record Searches are $84.00 each, and Local Police Record Checks are $35.00, including GST, plus the Police Agency Fee (if applicable). For more information please see our Prices page.

 US Entry Waiver: $695.00 plus GST ($29.75) = $624.75. (Does not include our $84.00 Biometric Fingerprinting Fee or Court Record Searches, which if required are normally $83.00 each) Note: When your application is ready to be submitted to US Customs you will be required to pay a $585.00 (USD) United States Department of State filing fee (as of November 23, 2010). Note: If you have a Sexual Assault conviction we may also need to do 1 or 2 Privacy Act Information Requests for $252.00 each. For more information please see our Fees page.

 US Entry Waiver Redo Services:  $480.00 plus GST = $504.00. (For expired Waiver Documents that were never submitted to US Customs)

 Canadian Pardon and U.S. Entry Waiver: $1390.00 plus GST = $1459.50. (Does not include Court Record Searches or Local Police Records Checks. Does not include $168.00 Biometric FFingerprinting Fee or the $657.77 Parole Board Filing Fee or the $585.00 USD Department of State Filling Fee.)

Priority Service Fee: $126.00 *NOTE: We prioritize all applications at no extra cost, however, in some cases where staff must work overtime in order to meet a last minute deadline this fee will apply. For more information please see FAQ Pardons Page, # 5.

 Court or Military Record Searches: $84.00 For each record.
(For more information please see our Fees page.

 Local Police Records Checks. $33.33 For each record plus the Police Agency Fee (if applicable).
(For more information please see our Fees page.

Pardoned Record and/or Court Record Search only: $189.00 (may also require fingerprinting)

Port of Entry Parole (for emergency travel into the U.S.): $252.00 Note: This permit is for clients who are applying for a Standard US Entry Waiver, and who need to enter the United States for emergency life-saving medical treatment or to attend a funeral for an immediate family member ONLY. Please call our office or see our Waiver FAQ section (10 & 14) if you are unsure if you are eligible to receive such a permit.

Police File Destruction Services:  $495.00 plus GST ($24.75) = $519.75 per file (For more information please see our Fees page or Pardon FAQ's.)

Privacy Act Information and/or Court Transcript Request: $252.00.

Additional Administration Fees: $126.00 per hour (per 1/2 hour)

US Entry Waiver Renewal (only for past Alberta Pardons clients) $595.00 plus GST = $624.75. 

 Note: The $50.00 PBC Filing Fee can be paid by a Money Order Payable to the Receiver General For Canada, after your Pardon application has been completed.

Please bill my credit card for the PBC Filing Fee. (Note: a form will be emailed to you to complete, print, sign and return by mail.)

Other Fee - See File for Details.



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Please bill in 2 or 4 monthly installments. Please Note: Your credit card will be billed in 2 monthly installments for Pardons or Waivers, and 4 installments for both. An additional $10.00 processing fee will apply.


Note: Your credit card will show "US WAIVERS"

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